Serving Ghana – the very best for Ghana's children so they can give the very best to Ghana


Jim for Poppies Mary Smith

The Beloved Missionary School is being built next to the Mission Base of the  Serving Africa Mission, in Accra, Ghana. This mission was established by the Rev Jim Smith, and his wife Mary.

They have been working in Africa for over 20 years. The S.A.M.  is a faith mission –  we make no appeals for money, and receive no support except that which is freely given to us.

Read more about the S.A.M. at

Download Jim’s book REFLECTIONS, which tells the history of the S.A.M. from

Jim is an Anglican Minister, and is licensed to the Diocese of Chichester, but he is not paid by the Church.

The S.A.M. is, and always has been totally non-denominational in its ministry.

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