Serving Ghana – the very best for Ghana's children so they can give the very best to Ghana


In 2011, it became clear to Rev. Jim Smith, Executive Director of the Serving Africa Mission, that a school should be part of the work of the Mission.

There were many parents in the area who wanted a specifically Christian school, where the principles of Christianity would form the basis of the school. The Government of Ghana is hard pressed to provide all the schools needed, so offering to build and run a school would be a real help. Even more, it would show our commitment to the children of Ghana, and to the nation –  one we in the U.K. have supported for decades. Ghana is very special to us, and this link between us is very precious.

The S.A.M. has  been working in Ghana for 30 years. It is totally a faith mission – we continue simply because God provides for us. Our usual pattern is to share our vision and our needs, and leave it to people and groups to decide what they should do.  Sometimes the funding comes, and sometimes people are just encouraged by the vision.

This is the way we have worked for twenty years, and we believe that it is the right way for us. As a result of this approach, those who feel led to support us have done so.

The Beloved Missionary School will provide education for 180 pupils, from ages 6 to 15. It will be a high quality building – the Mission always builds to the highest standards.  It will employ up to 9 teachers, a Principal and a secretar. All will be properly Ghanaian trained, and have the necessary certificates.

The school will be self- funding –  pupils in Ghana pay for education, books, and uniform.

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