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We have been working in Ghana for 30 years, and we know how vital it is to take care of projects. They do not take care of themselves. 

We have our own team on the Mission base, who will help, and we have appointed Directors to head up the programme. When the school is complete, it becomes part of the S.A.M., ministry. We will watch over it, maintain the standards, repair the building and make sure that it  achieves everything it can achieve and more. We do not “fire and forget!” We take care of our children.

The directors of the school are:

 Apostle Paul Sefa, head of S.A.M. in Africa.

Rev Jim Smith, founder S.A.M.

Mrs Mary Smith, senior teacher S.A.M.

Mr David Smith, Chair  of S.A.M. U.K.

Mrs Betty Cooper, senior team member S.A.M.

Mrs Esther Ammah, Mrs Adeline Mawupemor Kore,  –  Ghana members, contacted through Paul Sefa. We now have appointed an African head of school



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