Serving Ghana – the very best for Ghana's children so they can give the very best to Ghana

Money talk

For the S.A.M., money comes through prayer, as it has for the last 30 years. But we do not want to give the idea that we are foolish in financial matters. This project has been professionally costed, and professionally designed by an architect. We know virtually all that we need. Here is a brief summary of what we will do with the money that is trusted to us.

So far, we have bought 5 plots of land, and commissioned full and complete plans and drawings, including all the technical specifications needed to get our building permit. These plans are available for inspection on request. The project has been professionally costed, and  the budget to date is 529,469.00 GBP.

Additions to this figure will be:-

1. Well for fresh water.  5,000.00 GBP

2. Landscaping and creation of playing field. 20,000.00 GBP

3. Pick-up truck for the school use. 15,000.00 GBP.

4. Equipping of school— desks, computers, library, Admin office etc.        20,000.00 GBP

5. Startup salaries, until school is self-sufficient. 10,000.00 GBP

Any money unused will create a bursary scheme, for children that cannot afford the fees, to help children with their startup costs to University, and for teacher development.

Our total figure at of October 2018 is 600,000.00 GBP

This money will be channeled through the Takk Trust, the registered charity which holds all our giving and expenditure. ( Charity commission 290753)

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