Serving Ghana – the very best for Ghana's children so they can give the very best to Ghana


GHANA 2017
We have tried to keep our principles simple and clear. The staff, along with the leaders of the S.A.M. will develop them over the first 5 years of the life of the school.

1. Everything in our school must honour Jesus Christ. As a missionary organisation, this is our founding principle, and will be extended to the Beloved Missionary school. This principle will cover the teaching and the teachers, the pupils, the lessons and all extra activities. It will cover our choices and our decisions. Most of all, as a servant mission, it will ensure that every person in the school is loved and  valued for who they are. This is a very high standard, and a very big challenge.

2. Every child must feel welcomed, loved and safe.

3. Coming to school must be fun –  something to be enjoyed.

4. Every child must be given the opportunity to achieve their potential, leaving the school with a feeling of having something to contribute to the wider life of Ghana. We must make it our aim that no one leaves feeling worthless.

5. Everyone – pupil, teacher, Governor, parent –  must be committed to serving Ghana. We want our pupils to ask themselves “What can I give to my nation?” rather than “What can I get from my nation?”

6. The Beloved Missionary school is a Christian foundation, and no other religion will be taught or practised. As long as parents can accept this, children of any religion or none are welcome to join the school.

 As we live in Medie,Accra, we will give first preference to children who live in our valley. The directors and Principle reserve the right to decide on admissions.


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